Mehedinti Chamber Of Commerce, Industry And Agriculture and Vidin Chamber Of Commerce And Industry organized on 06.07.2023 an annual transnational event on the project Danube Partnership for Mobility and Entrepreneurship. More than 50 persons participtaed at the online event where were presented: the project and its results, the action plan for promoting and supporting the green economy companies in the romania-bulgaria cross-border region, financing opportunities and examples of good practices.

During the event were promoted: the “green economy” among economic operators in the implementation area, the trade between economic operators acting in the “ecological economy“, information on “good practices”, the creation of ecological jobs, opportunities to access non-refundable funds to develop this sector, available funds, eligible costs and contact information, “green entrepreneurship” to develop new joint businesses and to attract others to apply the “good practices” identified in the field.

Annual Transnational Event_presentatin 06.07.2023